Sunday, July 29

I’m back.  We had a plane from New Jersey to St. Paul, and then one to Des Moines.  That’s all!


Saturday, July 29

Move out day! I have a bunch of pictures posted on my flickr. I’m too lazy to actually put them on here. I left the dorms at ten and I went ‘shopping’ (which means browsing at haute couturiers), to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a couple of other exciting little places like the really cool Apple Store, a Kinokuniya Bookstore, and SoHo (where I bought my first and only non-dance clothing purchase in New York). Later, I went to a really nice Italian restaurant and Times Square.

Friday, July 28

Last day!

Before class, I went across the street to watch a little bit of my friend in the ABT New York program’s performance.  I had to leave early so I could get to class.  From what I saw (the lower levels) they were good.

 I had my mom and brother come and watch ballet with Krammy and character.  There were even more families watching today compared to yesterday.  It really was a performance.  Both classes went pretty well again… with the same combinations as any other day.

After classes, I went to dinner with my family at a sushi place, and then went back to the dorms for a slideshow and a dance.

Since it was the last night, we just had to stay up, regardless of what the RAs thought.  Without going into much detail, I stayed up till a little after 6:00 AM the next morning.

Thursday, July 27

Today was our last day with Jock Soto.  He taught ballet and partnering.  Ballet went pretty well and I even got a few corrections, which was really exciting for me.  The amount of parents watching made class feel like a performance.

 Partnering went well, too.   All of the combinations were a bit longer than usual, and all in all were fun.

 Here are a couple belated pictures, some from today when I went to Central Park again.

An escalator at the subway…

The minute Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out.



Wednesday, July 25

Today was the last weight training class. It was much more aerobic with less in-between time than other days. We concentrated on where our bodies were supposed to be (incuding ‘Opostion!’ and ‘Asserting Oneself!’ which seem to be Peter Frame’s favorite phrases).


I had two ballet classes with Krammy today. The first one was okay. I couldn’t turn at all, but I attempted to work hard despite that fact. I was trying to self-correct myself and it helped a ton. The second class was wierd, mostly because it had all new combinations in it. We started off doing barre-like exercises in centre, then did a section full of turns, and finally did a bit of petite allegro… and did a bunch more turns. I think I may have been turning better to my right rather than my left, which is really odd.


After classes were over, the RAs from my floor (the top two nicest out of all of the RAs) invited my floor to go laser-tagging in Brooklyn. About half of us decided to go, mostly because anyone under fifteen’s cufew was too early for the traveling alone. So, we went and played a game (my team lost; but I still succeeded in the usual psuedo-spy moves like sneaking up behind someone or doing rolling across a gap between two walls) and left for Manhattan. We left a bit too late, though and so after getting off the subway, everyone sixteen and under had to run to the dorms in order to get back by our curfew. After running six blocks and going up fourteen floors in six minutes, the SAB desk told us that it was fine that we were late, because our RAs that went with us begged the dorm manager lady to let us be a bit late. Too bad we ran.

Tuesday, July 24

I had character, ballet with Krammy, and pilates today.  They were all okay.  I’m really getting bored of character.  It’s the same, boring, tiring combinations three times a week.  Only one class of it left!  Krammy’s technique class was very similar to every other one of his others, but we had a few new combinations.  Hip Hip Hurrah!  I think having pilates every week has helped with my hamstring flexibility.  Last week, I could touch the floor with the palms of my hands without bending my knees.  I was raving about it the rest of the day.

Later, after the RAs do room check to make sure you’re asleep, I went out into our ‘living room’ to have an illigitimate get-together with a few others.  They decided to watch Saw 2 (which I later watched), so I went back into my room to watch a DVD I got from the library.  Evidently, during their time watching the DVD, an RA came in for an unheard of second room check and found them.  They got early curfews.  Luckily, I was blissly unaware of the situation and continued to re-watch Paquita by Paris Opera Ballet (I think it might be one of my favorite ballets.  I’ve only seen it by POB, and their’s is breath-taking, so it might just be the company’s knack for perfection) in my room.

Monday, July 23

I had weight-training, character, and ballet today. They all went pretty well. Again, nothing too enlightening.


I went to the library again to get a bunch more videos. A list of all of the ones I’ve borrowed will be posted soon. I also went to one of the two Capezio stores and an American Apparel that I was about to go shopping in, but decided to save on sales tax by just ordering online with free shipping.


I should, like, take pictures at some point…